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Lifting The Veil - The True Faces of Muhammad & Islam Vol 1 Lifting The Veil - The True Faces of Muhammad & Islam Vol 2

al Rassooli's 'The Koran Blogspot' talks formerly on YouTube AND STILL ON OUR BLOG!

Full transcriptions of the first 100 of these talks are available in print and can be purchased from many different book retailers including Amazon.

Transcriptions of the next batch of talks (160 or so!) will be published in Volume II. After some frustrating delays volume the new volume is finally ready and will be available on Amazon shortly!.

By popular request the new volume includes a glossary of terms and commonly used Arabic words...
links to recent interviews with IQ al-Rassooli

These talks where originally published on YouTube under our 'AhmadsQuran3' channel, where they proved immensely popular and sparked many interesting and well commented lively debates and discussions. Unfortunately a mindless "flagging campaign" by nervous Muhammadans (who never showed their faces and were unable to openly discuss anything) did eventually result in that channel being suspended.

It's also most unfortunate that due to the nature of Islam it encourages it's followers to silence all opposition (after first trying rude language, threats and intimidation). It's a shame they can't just join in with normal discussions but of course they quickly get out of their depth and ultimately find that there really is nothing to say in valid defence of Islam (the indefensible).
 #  Chapter Title  #  Chapter Title
 1  Intoduction  149  Sabt/ Sabbath/ Saturday (on YouTube)
 1a  We Accuse  150  Muslim' Counter Arguments
 2  Does Islam mean Peace  151  Tablet orTable Preserved
 3  Who is a Muslim  152A  Muhammad & Projective Identification
 4  Who is Allah  152B  Muhammad & Projective Identification
 5  Women in Islam  153  The 10,000 Challenge
 6A  Meccan Period  154A  Zakir Naik Challenged
 6B  Madina Period  154B  Zakir Naik Challenged
 7  Jihad in Islam  155  Quranic & Hadith Gems
 8  Islamophobia  156A  The Sana' Manuscripts
 9  Was Muhammad a Prophet?  156B  The Sana' Manuscripts
 10  Challenge to all Humanity  157  Al Mahdi: Muhammadan Messiah
 11  The Black Stone  158A  Isma' or Muhammad's Sinlessness
 12  What is the Ka'ba?  158B  Isma' or Muhammad's Sinlessness
 13  Hijab  159  Hebron & Mecca
 14  Quran Against Christians  160  Allah the Deceiver/Youthilloo
 15  Night Journey or Laylat al Isra  161  Muhammad & Allah
 16  Quran Against Jews  162  A. Y. Ali's Quran
 17  Predestination in the Quran  163  Muhammad the Humble
 18  Abrogating & Abrogated Verses in the Quran  164  Allahu Akbar or Terror Verse
 19  Quran Against Unbelievers (on YouTube)  165  Uzair: Son of God
 20  Islam & African Slavery  166  Did Allah Love Muhammad?
 21  Myth of Islamic Civilization  167  Quran's Flat Earth
 22  Quran Against Arabs  168  Clash of Civilizations
 23  Quran vs Bible Contradictions  169  Confirming Previous Revelations
 24  Satanic Quran  170  Rebutting OZZYCDA
 25  Suicide in Islam  171  Islamic Scholars
 26  The Charter of Umar  172  Jihad & Crusades
 27  Foreign Words in Quran  173A  Furthest Mosque
 28  Was Muhammad the Last Prophet?  173B  Furthest Mosque
 29  The Satanic Verses  174  Muhammad & Satan
 30  The 72 Virgins  175  Muhammad's Anti Semitism
 31  Taqiya/ Islamic Subterfuge  176  Fear from Muhammad
 32  And Then it was Revealed  177  Muhammadan Islam & Apostasy
 33  Muhammad's Compassion & Mercy  178A  Revelations upon Request
 34  Khadijah & Muhammadan Islam  178B  Revelations upon Request
 35  Fifty Prayers a Day  179  Muhammad's Apologist #174
 36  Compilation of the Quran  179A  Muhammad's Apologist #175
 37  Biblical Corruption Allegations  180  Muhammad's Death
 38  Muhammad & Knowledge  181  Aisha: Child Rape
 39  Arab & Islamic Imperialism  182  Muhammad & Dogs
 40  Allah's 10% Share of Muhammad's Plunder  183  Age of Consent
 41  Muhammad the Sinful  184  OUTRAGE
 42  Mein Kampf & Quran  185  Night of Power/Laylat al Qadr
 43  Muhammad the Forgetful  186A  Bible & Quran
 44  Was Muhammad Illiterate?  186B  Bible & Quran
 45A  Jews of Arabia  187A  Peaceful Islam
 45B  Jews of Arabia  187B  Peaceful Islam
 46  Altered Revelations  188A  Islam's Culture of DENIAL
 47  Ancestry of the Arabs  188B  Islam's Culture of DENIAL
 48  Male Muhammadan Characteristics  189A  Islam & Desecrations
 49  Isaac OR Ishmael  189B  Islam & Desecrations
 50  Battle of Yamama  190  Muhammad's Characteristics
 51  Biblical Names in the Quran  191A  Was Muhammad Possessed?
 52  The Christians of Arabia  191B  Was Muhammad Possessed?
 53  Allah & his Aposle Know Best  192  Bilal the Abyssinian
 54  Seven Versions of the Quran  193  Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad & Islam
 55  Muhammad & Arabia's News Media  194A  Wine & the Quran
 56  Made to Order Revelations  194B  Wine & the Quran
 57  Jizya or Poll Tax  195  Muhammad & Time Travel
 58A  Quran Unravelled  196A  Muhammad & Circumcision
 58B  Quran Unravelled  196B  Muhammad & Circumcision
 59  Muhammad the Coward  197A  Abu Bakr: The False Witness
 60  Anything New in the Quran? Anything?  197B  Abu Bakr: The False Witness
 61  Fight/Kill/Slay in the Quran  198A  Muhammad's Paradise
 62  Allah's Chosen People  198B  Muhammad's Paradise
 63  No Compulsion in Religion  199A  Muhammad & URINE
 64  Is Islam a Cult or a Religion?  199B  Muhammad & URINE
 65  Ka'ba or Solomon's Temple?  200A  Assessments & Conclusions
 66  Gabriel or Jibril  200B  Assessments & Conclusions
 67  Dilemma of Muhammadan Muslims  200C  Assessments & Conclusions
 68  Hagar & Ishmael  201A  Blood Libel
 69  Ilm OR Knowledge  201B  Blood Libel
 70  Read OR Recite  202A  Allah's blessing & peace be upon him
 71  Good & Bad Muslims ?  202B  Allah's blessing & peace be upon him
 72  Promised Land in the Quran  203A  Muhammad & Hell
 73  Apostasy or Ridda Wars  203B  Muhammad & Hell
 74  Muhammad's Psychological Profile  203C  Muhammad & Hell
 75  Plagues OR Commandments?  204A  Israel in the Quran
 76  Debating Muhammadans  204B  Israel in the Quran
 77  Miriam OR Mary ?  205A  Muhammadans: Victims or Victimizers?
 78  Missing Verses in Quran  205B  Muhammadans: Victims or Victimizers?
 79  Fall of Adam  205C  Muhammadans: Victims or Victimizers?
 80  Muhammad's Sunna  205D  Muhammadans: Victims or Victimizers?
 81  Poitier: Saviour Battle  205E  Muhammadans: Victims or Victimizers?
 82  Was Muhammad Predicted?  205F  Muhammadans: Victims or Victimizers?
 83  Messengers & Prophets  205G  Muhammadans: Victims or Victimizers?
 84  Islam Before Muhammad  206A  Janissaries: Islam's White Slaves (part A)
 85  Muhammad's Surgeries  206B  Janissaries: Islam's White Slaves (part B)
 86  Mu'allaqat/ Pre Islamic Poetry  207A  Uthmans Quran #207 A of (ABC)
 87  Jesus in the Quran  207B  Uthmans Quran #207 B of (ABC)
 88  Days of Creation in the Quran  207C  Uthmans Quran #207 C of (ABC)
 89  Muhammad & Astronomy  208  Obama & Islam
 90  Errors in the Quran  209A  The Zionist Quran! Part A
 91  Slew the Whole World  209B  The Zionist Quran! Part B
 92  Suckling a Grown Man/Rath’at al Kabir  210A  Muhammads Confused Quran Part 210 A (of ABC)
 93  Muhammad the Pagan  210B  Muhammads Confused Quran Part 210 B (of ABC)
 94  Rajam/ Stoning Verse  210C  Muhammads Confused Quran Part 210 C (of ABC)
 95  Muhammad & Deception  211A  Sharia' - Part 211 A (of A-D)
 96  Let There be Light  211B  Sharia' - Part 211 B (of A-D)
 97  Muhammad & Gabriel  211C  Sharia' - Part 211 C (of A-D)
 98  Paradise is Under the Shades of Swords  211D  Sharia' - Part 211 D (of A-D)
 99  Safa & Marwa: 'Islam' & Paganism  212  Attacking al Rassooli while Ignoring Muhammad! - Part 212; EXPLOSIVE!
 100  Muhammad's Megalomania  213A  Ummat al Kuffar - Part 213 A (of A - C)
 101  Muhammad & Terror  213B  Ummat al Kuffar - Part 213 B (of A - C)
 102  Allah's Daughters  213b  U al K Part 213 B lite
 103  Enemy of Allah  213C  Ummat al Kuffar - Part 213 C (of A - C)
 104  Muslims' : Reversal of Roles  214  Geert Wilders & Alfred Dreyfus Trials
 105  Order of Suras  215  Islam & Genital Mutilation
 106  Culture of Death  216  'ChristianoPhobia' or Reversal of Roles
 107  FITNA J'Accuse  217  Islam & Conspiracy Theories
 108  Ashura or Yom Kippur  218  Ungodly Quran
 109  Europe Died in Auschwitz  219A  You Love Life; We Love Death Part A of (A&B)
 110  Nikah al Mut'a OR Islamic Prostitution  219B  You Love Life; We Love Death Part B of (A&B)
 111  No Two Religions in Arabia  220A  Islamic Scientists & Islam Part A of (A&B)
 112  Muhammad & Miracles  220B  Islamic Scientists & Islam Part B of (A&B)
 113  Be ye Apes & Pigs  221  Muhammad's Wealth
 114  Muhammad & Bells  222A  Quran Without Bible Part 222A (A&B)
 115  Muhammad & Demons  222B  Quran Without Bible Part 222B (A&B)
 116  Muhammadan Islam is Supreme  223  Muslims & Cartoons
 117  Quran's Rivers of Paradise  224A  Myth: Battle of the Trench
 118  Joyless Cult of Muhammad  224B  Myth: Battle of the Trench
 119A  Muhammad, Terror & Poets  225A  Allah or al Raqhman ?
 119B  Muhammad, Terror & Poets  225B  Allah or al Raqhman ?
 119C  Muhammad, Terror & Poets  225C  Allah or al Raqhman ?
 119D  Muhammad, Terror & Poets  226A  The Gaza Flotilla
 120  Sakina/ Shekhina  226B  The Gaza Flotilla
 121  Samarqand & Topkapi Qurans  227A  Judea or Palestine ?
 122  Muhammad and Ka'ba Idols  227B  Judea or Palestine ?
 123  Silence is Consent  228  Ground Zero Mosque
 124  Ibn Ishaq's Biography of Muhammad  229A Sunna Supersedes Quran Part 229A (A&B)
 125  Hadiths or Ahadith  229B Sunna Supersedes Quran Part 229B (A&B)
 126  Status of Women in Jahiliyah  230A Muhammad's Morals Part 230A (A&B)
 127  Muhammad & Bribery  230B Muhammad's Morals Part 230B (A&B)
 128  Sword of Allah 231 Islam in Convulsion Part 231
 129  Jews: Killers of Prophets 232 Can Muslims be Loyal Citizens? Part 232
 130  Temple of Solomon 233 'Islamic & Muslim' Deceiving Terms Part 233
 131A  Muhammad & Mutilation of the Dead 234 Gabriel or Satan's Revelations? Part 234
 131B  Muhammad & Mutilation of the Dead 235 Radical Islam Deception Part 235
 132  Throne of Allah 236 Muhammad & Menstruation Part 236
 133  Torah/ Taurat 237 Nikah/ Marriage Deception Part 237
 134  Tradition of the Arabs 238 Muhammad's Rape of Safiyyah Part 238
 135  Unbelievers & Believers Achievements 239 Islamofascism Part 239
 136  Usury/ Prohibited Interest 240 SlaughterHouse: Norway Part 240
 137  Muhammadan Islam against the World 241 Islam & Criminals Part 241
 138  Your Allah & Our Allah 242 Islam & Muslim Rage Part 242
 139  Your Wives are your Tilth 243 Islam & Democracy Part 243
 140  Zamzam: The Well
 141  Islam: Fastest Growing Religion
 142  Palestine & Palestinians
 143  Muhammad's Predictions
 144  Madrassas or Religious Schools
 145  Fighting Verses of the Quran
 146A  Two States: Israel & Palestine
 146B  Two States: Israel & Palestine
 146C  Two States: Israel & Palestine
 147A  Kamal Ata Turk & Islam
 147B  Kamal Ata Turk & Islam
 148  Don't Question the Quran
...with duplicates of all talks/chapters (including those censored off YouTube),
but no facility for comments or debate:

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