The Vatican at Risk

The Vatican taken over & turned into a mosque
We're not claiming our little graphical montage is particularly well done or convincing, however in case you think we might be exaggerating or that perhaps this could never happen please just consider the sorry fates of so many cities and civilizations already beaten and destroyed by this predatory death-cult throughout its violent history.

Take the siege, sacking, looting and desecration of Constantinople as but one example of the standard Islamic tactic of first plundering an ancient civilization, then desecrating it religious and political buildings and shrines (after first having disposed of the people they belonged to) then finally waiting for past histories and civilizations to be forgotten through endless lies, propaganda and mass-deceptions over the next few centuries.

It is perfectly feasible to imagine a world in, say three or four hundred years time, when the former existence of the Vatican (together with more or less the whole of European history up till now) has been largely forgotten and replaced with a fraudulent Islamic "tradition" assumed by most people in the world to be true.

Please do watch the excellent mini-documentary on YouTube (shown here to the right).

Notice how the ancient Christian places of worship were converted to mosques by adding minarets (shown 7:17 - 7:25 into the YouTube video), just as modelled here by us on the Vatican as a realistic warning!

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