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Pat Condell at insightful and accurate as ever:
"Goodbye Sweden" (hello Islam)

Once again please do hear Pat Condell at his sharp and brilliant best; this time describing how rape (especially when accompanied with violence) was virtually unheard of in Sweden before the days of mass immigration - you guessed it - from Muslim majority countries, where men are trained from birth to consider all women fair game to assault and abuse unless (and even if) they’re fully covered up, hidden away imprisoned at home and constantly supervised to “protect” them from, er, Muslim men.

But, unlike in neighbouring Norway, the Swedish authorities try keeping these facts a secret; their priority is defending the “good name of Islam” instead of protecting their own people from harm!

Meanwhile, in a criminal court in the Netherlands, they try (but still fail) to defend Islam (the indefensible) be dismissing virtually all witnesses and disallowing the truth itself!


The Middle East Problem;
What's caused it and can it ever be solved?

Q. Why is there a "problem" in the Middle East?
A. Because the vast majority of Arabs (and many other people in the world who have been persuaded by them) would like to destroy a tiny country and if possible somehow make all the non-Muslim people living there (i.e. about 80% of its population) somehow disappear. The problem is the country has a perfectly valid right to exist and the people living there are fairly determined not to just disappear!

Q. Can this "problem" be solved?
A. Yes, but not until the Arabs of the Middle East start accepting the reality and truth of the situation as well as back down from their murderous and unreasonable goals of trying to destroy a perfectly valid (though rather small) neighbouring state that happens to have people living in it.

Yet another political show-case "blasphemy" trial:
Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff in Austria

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff has been charged with "hate speech" for telling the truth about Islam in Austria.

The appeal "Elisabeth's Voice" has been launched to aid her legal defense.

Please watch the movie and, if you require further information, you can read several informative articles such as Lawfare in Austria: Is Truth Illegal? (on the Hudson-NY) and also mirrored on vladtepesblog.

Please do all you can to SUPPORT Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff and make sure she is neither silenced nor forgotten.


Islam – Taking over the streets of France;

Muslims are illegally imposing Islam onto the streets and people of Paris (France) but its a secret that cannot be told!
In a show of conquering strength (and to intimidate all "non-believers") large numbers of Muslims are now routinely blocking streets in Paris on the pretence of needing the space (completely illegally, by the way) to hold their impromptu "prayers meetings" whenever they like. No other group would get away with such behaviour but when it comes to Muslims even the police are afraid to intervene (despite the fact they are breaking the law) and instead just collude with them by preventing opposition (in the interests of "community cohesion").

Disgraceful! Must see!

Click here to read accommpanying article (on CBN News, Sept 26, 2010)

The political show-case "blasphemy" trial of Geert Wilders continues:
Here we are shown the lead-judge reading Wafa Sultan's expert witness statement...

Most of us are by now fully aware of the farcical political show-trial of Geert Wilders (currently in abatement while possibly less obviously biased judges can be found and briefed).

Not so many people realised that Dutch law itself had to first be discreetly modified (towards the end of last year, in particular articles Articles 137C and D of the Dutch Penal Code ) to engineer a situation in which, if they could, they might show he'd broken a law that didn't even exist in that form at the time he first began to openly tell his people the truth about Islam.

Slowly but surely the cloak of “political correctness” is being lifted and the real issues are emerging. Geert Wilders is already incredibly popular – despite every conceivable effort to suppress, marginalise, silence and discredit him.

Imagine the “political landscape” if that cloak were completely lifted (even better if at the same time the fear, indifference or outright disinformation of most mainstream Western media were also swept away); not only would vast numbers of Europe’s population be rightly outraged and shocked at what had been hidden from them but, I believe, many more “free” Muslims (lucky enough to be living in the West) might start waking up to the fact they do not need to submit to Islam and so they'll be able to reject the miserable, backward ideology that's been blighting & ruining their lives, and ours, for literally centuries! In the movie clip (above right) we see the reading of Hans Jansen’s expert witness testimony in court; he once again conclusively demonstrates what many of us have in any case known all our lives; that Islam is a deceitful and misleading ideology of hatred offering no peace, compassion or mercy for anyone outside its own band of followers (and even they must number amongst its victims).

Hans concludes his testimony with some extremely important comments concerning his surprise (and our despair) that this major politician, who has been elected by more than a million people in a modern European democracy of a formerly Christian but now absolutely secular country, must face a set-piece “blasphemy” trial for allegedly infringing some pre-medieval religious rules from an alien ideological cult that has nothing to do with Dutch law or society.

It is worth noting that Geert Wilders originally called for 18 witnesses who between them would have delivered such a devastating series of testimonies that even the most feebleminded appeasers of Islam would have had to concede there really is a very major problem with this ancient death-cult. However the “Crooked Judges of Amsterdam” (as Pat Condell rightly dubbed them, see below) denied all but 3 of these witnesses. It seems that even that wasn’t quite enough for them; one of the principal judges behind this ridiculous trial, Tom Schalken, then did his best to influence and misdirect Hans over dinner some 3 days before he was due to provide his statement.

In theory Schalken could (and should) face up to four years in jail for contravening of Article 285a of the Dutch Penal Code. However despite hypocritically doing all he could to abuse his position to corner and if possible convict Wilders for a non-existent blasphemy crime (against a so-called religion that has nothing to do with – and is in fact completely incompatible with - the traditions or laws of his country) he will no doubt to all he can to evade being convicted himself for a crime he actually does appear to have committed!

In 1979 Ayatollah Khomeini (considered at the time by many to be the greatest authority in the world on what “Allah wants” for us all) said:
"Allah did not create man so that he could have fun. The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer. An Islamic regime must be serious in every field. There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humour in Islam. There is no fun in Islam...

Muhammad-style.... (or maybe not)....
THIS IS FUNNY (for a change)

Well, even if they’re not able to enjoy themselves (poor things) and even if they put the whole of mankind at great risk of an utterly miserable future there's still good news…...
......relatively few people in the world are members of this cult (officially around 1 in 5, but who really knows)...

...just remember - many of them have the cheek to try and impose their backward ideas on us all - the answer's NO; We're Kuffar and Proud!

Nervous Muhammadans 'cripple' our YouTube channel!

We were told that the channel would be "temporarily disabled" until 9th June 2010 and that if there were any further "violations of community guidelines after that" it would then be terminated. In fact without us even loging on or making a single further comment the channel (together with all our material) was then deleted without explanation or further ado first thing on the 9th June!

At no time were we given any opportunity to learn who had complained, what they had complained about or for us to respond or defend ourselves in any way.

Please click on the following links to see for yourself, then protest to YouTube about this ridiculous, unfair and totally biased nonsense.

This is fascinating; Ibrahim Al-Buleihi (a former Saudi Shura Council Member) explains during an interview on Al-Arabiya TV (Dubai/Saudi Arabia) - February 26, 2010 – why the Arabs fail to achieve anything. He quite rightly points out that in their arrogance Arabs spend their time trying to teach (when they have nothing to offer) rather than learn! They are a backward people stuck more than 10 centuries in the past!


European Democracy at a new low -
Once again Pat Condell at the height of eloquence!

...another MUST SEE talk!

Anjem ("Andy") Choudary reveals the convincing power and logic of calm, reasoned debate as used by all world-class practitioners of Islam.

In case you are in any doubt please let us assure you we are being ironic! It's perfectly obvious from watching this clip that Andy is unable to answer a single question on any subject, is endlessly rude and offensive, hates to let anyone else speak and appears to be in a state of permanent denial about even things he did himself only recently).


No, I will not keep silent about Islam

A very interesting talk by Martin J Willett - well worth listening to, and well illustrated. We recommend it.

The most DEVASTATING expose so far about Muhammad & his Quran by an ARAB!

The most DEVASTATING expose
about Muhammad
& his Quran
by an ARAB!

There are plenty of people around who still believe that Islam's a "peaceful, subtle and spiritual way of life" but that's probably because they've never seen the full-on mainstream, savage and virtually incomprehensible Islam of the real world being "practised" in it's full gory-glory in one of the many lands blighted by Sharia'.

If you are one of these naive people then please do take a close look at the short video to the right. Be warned IT IS REVOLTING. See for yourself a couple of relatively "normal" examples of ways in which this "peaceful" religion helps ordinary people properly "enjoy" and even "celebrate" little opportunities thrown their way by their all-merciful, all-wise Allah.

Yes, it's all happening in the name of Allah (so to speak).


Gingrich: "I'm deeply worried"

Former Republican congressional leader Newt Gingrich discusses the war on terror at the National Press Club.

He gave this brilliant, clear and insightful speech at the end of 2007. Over 1¼ million have watched this copy on YouTube alone, yet our so-called world "Leaders" are taking no notice. It is even more relevant today (if that is possible) than it was back then.

Please watch it then press your political representatives into action.... ...first we must STOP APPEASMENT! Let's not worry about whether we are showing them "proper respect at all times" - let's get on with the job of making them respect the laws of our countries and the lives of our fellow citizens.

Lifting The Veil - The True Faces of Muhammad and Islam

Full transcriptions of the first 100 of these talks are available in print and can be purchased from many different book retailers including Amazon.

Transcriptions of the remaining 160+ talks will be published shortly in Volume II, which we expect to be available from Spring 2011.

By popular request the new volume will include a full glossary of terms and commonly used Arabic words...

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