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People have been asking for more information about “Rejecting Islam” so here are notes on the subject: It’s recommended to watch it with your screen "maximised" as it contains a lot of small text.

You should certainly try to see it over and over again (we have and each time found more there than we first noticed). Remember to be ready with your pause button from time to time....

Thank you!

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Ibn al Rassooli

If you have any problem watching it (above) or would like to read or add comments please click one of the following links...
Rejecting Islam on YouTube (uploaded by SecretGarden)
** Rejecting Islam on YouTube EXTRA CRISP COPY ** (uploaded by allymetoo)
Rejecting Islam on YouTube (uploaded by abjectreality)
Rejecting Islam on LiveLink (uploaded by DMartyr)

We think it deserves a huge audience and is well worth circulating as widely as possible. From the following link you can DOWNLOAD a CRISP COPY for your records or public presentation or redistribution on further YouTube channels or other websites:

(It is completely royalty free and copyright free but its authors would like people to not alter it in any way and not to remove or edit any slides including the opening or closing ones)....

Rejecting Islam Movie DOWNLOAD Link

Please note the above link is for one-off DOWNLOADS of the file (using "save as")... it's a BIG file (around 65Mb) and will take time...
please then UPLOAD it to YouTube and any other websites you have access to that will allow people to watch it.

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