If you'd just like to watch the movie please click one of the following links...
** Rejecting Islam on YouTube EXTRA CRISP COPY ** (uploaded by allymetoo)
Rejecting Islam on YouTube (uploaded by SecretGarden)
Rejecting Islam on YouTube (uploaded by abjectreality)
Rejecting Islam on LiveLink (uploaded by DMartyr)

How did you get in contact with the ladies who made this film?

Both www.InTheNameOfAllah.org and www.YouTube.com/user/AhmadsQuran3 attract feedback and comments (especially on the private response forms) from a wide range of interesting people.

People who question, let alone abandon, Islam are subject to extreme violence within Islamic countries and in danger even beyond. Therefore it is not surprising that these so-called Apostates, who include the makers of this remarkable film, are obliged to protect their identities in any way possible and also to avoid being located.

We were contacted only by one of the authors (and she has continued to act as a spokesperson for the other two). Our only contact with her has been via the internet. She had discreetly commented from time to time on various aspects of our growing series of talks on YouTube called the "Idiots Guide to Islam". One day she surprised us with a cautious announcement about her project.

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