If you'd just like to watch the movie please click one of the following links...
** Rejecting Islam on YouTube EXTRA CRISP COPY ** (uploaded by allymetoo)
Rejecting Islam on YouTube (uploaded by SecretGarden)
Rejecting Islam on YouTube (uploaded by abjectreality)
Rejecting Islam on LiveLink (uploaded by DMartyr)

Why is the "Rejecting Islam" movie so special?

It is particularly extraordinary as it is so densely packed with information – far too much to take in the first time you see it – and of course...
...it endlessly breaks a number of important Islamic Taboos, any one of which could quickly lead to your death in a Muhammadan Muslim country;
  1. Formal Statements of Apostasy
  2. Criticism of Muhammad
  3. Praise for Jews
  4. Support for Israel
  5. Criticism of Islam
  6. Mockery of Islam
If you were brought up as a Muhammadan Muslim you would have extreme difficulty in breaking any of these taboos, let alone all of them, no matter what your personal experiences in life or real feelings and beliefs.

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