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At least one of the creators of the film witnessed an "honour" killing. What triggers these killings?

Obviously all murders are horrible and very wrong. So-called "honour" killings are perhaps even more horrible; their immediate victims are generally females killed by their own father, brothers, or husband (sometimes by all of them together and even with the girl's mother) - the very people you expect would protect her.

When it comes to "honour" it seems that simple murder is not enough - these killings are totally different from "ordinary" domestic violence because they are ritualistic family activities often endorsed by the local community. They are characterised by exceptional frenzy, frequently including sadistic sexual gratification.

How can any "religion", that its adherents claim is peaceful & based on love, allow and even motivate such crimes? Islam most certainly does, why?

This subject is complex. It has been well researched and documented. "Westerners" often refuse to believe such killings, driven by ideology and sanctioned by the community, are fairly routine and common in societies ruled by Islamic Sharia "Law".

Islam and its practitioners are (and have always been) particularly terrified by two things;
  • KNOWLEDGE of any of its perversions or even discussion of them.
  • DISOBEDIENCE - each member of their "umma", or community, is expected to adhere blindly to the dictates of every figure of authority (always male) within Islam. Deviation is never tolerated in case it ultimately leads to a breakdown in the system of fear & absolute authority.
The teenage step-sister of "our" Apostate was ritually slaughtered for the 'crime' of refusing to be given in marriage to a distant relative in his late fifties (a man she had never met, but knew enough about to fear). She had previously offended her father by asking to be educated (despite being a young woman) to at least a basic level. Therefore she had twice demonstrated a tendency to self-determination and so was considered disobedient. She expected more from life than the male members of her family were willing to allow.

Her father, in common with his society, sees women as "property" to be used or disposed of in any way he may choose. Furthermore because he & his society are steeped in the cult-worship of Muhammed, underpinning Islam, all of his horrific deeds were permissible and thought unexceptional.

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