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Who made the "Rejecting Islam" movie?

We were contacted by a lady who explained that she was originally from a Muslim-majority country in the Middle East under "Sharia Law". Some 10 years previously she had fled in fear for her life and in horror at what she saw being done "in the name of Allah". When she arrived in the USA she met another woman who had experienced similar horrors. Together they teamed up with a third woman (also an ex-Muhammadan Muslim) who had been more fortunate and always lived in the States. It was these three women who together created the film.

As we have shown in our Chapter 73 anyone who rejects or abandons Islam is an "Apostate". The standard penalty for Apostasy in Islam is death. Understandably such people, including our three film makers, have to be extremely careful even in countries formally outside Sharia law.

Witnessing the "honour" killing of her own step-sister

Our contact (via the internet only) miraculously managed to escape from her family. Having effectively been a prisoner from birth in the traditional Islamic way (please review our Chapter 126) she was forced to witness her father brutally murdering one of her favourite younger step-sisters. She stressed that her brothers assisted their father and took an active part in the killing. Without elaborating she indicated that they also incestuously gang-raped their sister; a not infrequent feature of the rituals preceding these dreadful “honour” killings. Apparently even one of her father's several wives helped murder the girl and the whole thing was done in front their servants.

Our contact knew she was powerless to stop this terrible crime because Islamic "justice" condones such actions, fully sanctioned by the local police and community “authorities”.

Escaping her family as soon as she could after this horrific incident she somehow left her country and eventually made her way to the USA. Naturally we have asked how she managed this, but she’s made it clear she can never tell anyone as some of the details might reveal clues that could eventually lead to her own murder; she must now spend the rest of her life in hiding. She is in real and mortal terror of being traced at any time by her extensive, obsessive and clearly murderous family.

It was at this point she teamed up with the other two ex-Muhammadan Muslim ladies who gave each other invaluable support. Together they embarked on creating this extraordinary animated musical slideshow they have called “Rejecting Islam”, which they dedicated to our YouTube series.

Knowing that they spent many months working on this project, while willingly risking their lives, we are deeply indebted to them.

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